Website for the 2017/18 UK tour of The Jungle Book

Made at HdK

Website for the 2017 UK tour of Cockfight

Made at HdK

Website front-end redesign for 2017 Dance Umbrella festival

Made at HdK

Website for On|Off London Fashion Week AW 2017

Branding by The Beautiful Meme

Cover for Rebekka Karijord‘s digital single, The Orbit.

Photo by Emilia Bergmark-Jiménez

Leaflet and website for Vincent Dance Theatre’s production Virgin Territory

Made at HdK

Cover for Rebekka Karijord‘s forthcoming album, Mother Tongue.

Photo by Emilia Bergmark-Jiménez


Choreographer Gary Clarke has won the UK Theatre Award 2016 for Achievement in Dance for COAL

Photo by Joe Armitage

Dance Umbrella

Website front-end and adverts for Dance Umbrella festival, 2016

Made at HdK

Sept 2016. Far Studio is 10! Thanks to all the team, clients and friends who helped along the way ♡

Art direction and design for Blondt i blondt – Tom Roger Aadland‘s take on Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde in Norwegian on vinyl, CD and digital.

Tom Roger Aadland’s Blondt i blondt on vinyl!

Website for Marcus du Sautoy, Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at the Oxford University

Website for London based upholstery boutique

Website for a Mechanical & Electrical company

Art direction and front-end design for talent agency Winterson’s

Made at HdK

Website for Stockholm based CFK Records

Website for Nederland Dans Theater 2, UK tour 2016

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Website for Gary Clarke Company’s COAL

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One Dance UK is a new dance industry body, bringing together four key dance organisations. Together with HdK Associates and TM Studio, we’ve worked on the front end of the new website, launched just before the winter holidays.

Photo: Mickael Marso Riviere. Made at HdK

Babies, cups of coffee and visas… We’ve put together a facts and figures infographic for this year’s Dance Umbrella dance festival. Who knew!

Made at HdK

Design and art direction for the official Joni Mitchell’s website

Joni Mitchell (photo Norman Seeff)

The shiny new Joni Mitchell’s website went live today. Our love and admiration for Joni know no limits and hopefully the official website is proof enough. Super special thanks to Les Irvin and Els van Bloois.

Photo: Norman Seeff

Cover design for CD and vinyl for Small Feet’s debut album From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean released in 2015 by Barsuk and CFK Records

Small Feet "From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean"

Small Feet‘s debut album is out now and we just got our own copies of CD and vinyl. Thanks Jacob!

Marek Kozniewski

Website for artist Marek Koźniewski

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

Website for Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

Made at HdK

Drake Music

Website for Drake Music, a leading organisation working in music, disability and technology

Made at HdK

Dance Umbrella

Website for Dance Umbrella festival, 2015

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Dance Umbrella 2015 (photo Paul Blakemore)

Dance Umbrella’s new programme for 2015 has been announced and its website brought up to date (with a splash of orange). We’ve also created a rather sharp eflier.

Photo: Paul Blakemore. Made at HdK

US label Barsuk Records has dropped the news: “Small Feet has unveiled the cover art and tracklisting for their upcoming Barsuk debut, From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean. In celebration, the band premiered two tracks at Consequence of Sound: ‘Rivers’ and ‘One at the Helm’. The album is out August 7th”.

While Swedish band Small Feet is busy giving the final touches to their debut album out this summer in Europe via CFK Records and in North America via Barsuk Records – we’re equally busy conjuring the artwork for all physical and digital releases. From far enough away, everything looks like horses in the snow…

Front end design for C&I (Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust)’s website

The totally redesigned website for C&I  Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust  has been “soft launched” this week. It is a completely accessible and responsive site, affectionately nick-named Candi. Far Studios art directed the project, designed the front end and advised on accessibility measures.

Photo: Zoran Jelenic

We’ve been working with HdK Associates on a new website for Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo from New York City. Hopefully the unveiling of the website will happen soon and without dramas worth of a prima donna…

Photo: Zoran Jelenic

New batch of Tom Roger Aadland‘s latest record arrived in the post. Straight from Norway and on shiny black vinyl.

Tom Roger Aadland - Rapport frå eit grensehotell

Design for Tom Roger Aadland’s Rapport frå eit grensehotell release on CD and vinyl, and website


Today, Klassekampen  a daily Norwegian newspaper  has chosen the artwork for Tom Roger Aadland’s forthcoming album as “cover of the week”.

Rock poet and Dylan expert from Haugesund released his debut album in 2007, and on January 23 he’s ready with album number five. According to the press release, we’re talking about “western gothic at its most captivating”, a description that also fits the album artwork  by photographer Edgar G. Bachel, designer Raffaele Malanga [of Far Studios] and Aadland himself. «This time I wanted the album cover to be extra worked through, and Bachel and Malanga were present in the studio», Aadland says. «Since the lyrics depict vulnerable characters and deal with relationships falling apart, we wanted to find a “worn down” expression», he says. Aadland has worked with Bachel and Malanga previously  the latter was responsible for the artwork of Aadland’s last three albums. 

Rapport frå eit grensehotell

Tom Roger Aadland‘s new album cover, designed by Far Studios, has been revealed to the Norwegian press today. The record  out in January  will be released on CD, vinyl and download. Printers are ready to rock ‘n roll!

Cover photo by Edgar G. Bachel

Joni Mitchell "Love Has Many Faces"

Joni Mitchell has a new 4-disc boxset coming out in November and we celebrated the event by designing a one-page promo sheet that has just gone live on Mrs Mitchell’s official website. “Love puts on a new face…”

Tom Roger Aadland’s first single  Oppløyst og medtatt from his new album is out today. Cover design by Far Studios? Ja!

Cover photo by Edgar Bachel

Winston Chmielinski

Finished working on the layout for Barbarisms’s debut CD release, out in October. Led by Nicholas Faraone, Barbarisms are a Stockholm band and their album is “a wide-open-spaces, road-trip of an album which touches on early REM and lo-folk” (The Crack Magazine).

Cover art by Winston Chmielinski []

Tom Roger Aadland & Edgar G. Bachel

Tom Roger Aadland and photographer Edgar G. Bachel in London, shooting photos for Tom’s forthcoming release.

Oslo, Feb 2014

In Velvet Recording studio, outside Oslo, with Tom Roger Aadland and part of the band: Erland Dahlen (drums and percussions), Tom Roger Aadland, Kjetil Steensnæs (guitars), Tor Egil Kreken (bass). Tom is recording a new album, out in the autumn.

Photo by Edgar G. Bachel

Rebekka Karijord - Music for Film and Theatre

Artwork for Rebekka Karijord’s Music for Film and Theatre, 2014

Until I Faltered I Wasn't Free

Artwork for A Nighthawk’s first EP on vinyl released by Ingrid, 2014